LED Sports Lights

Experience the luminous revolution in sports with our advanced LED sports lights. Tailored for athletic brilliance, these lights deliver a glow that’s both intense and even, capturing every pivotal play in exceptional detail. With a keen emphasis on energy conservation and enduring strength, our lights shine resiliently across both vast arenas and intimate fields. Opt for our LED sports lights, and bring forth a fusion of technology and passion, casting games in a light they truly deserve.

Benefits of LED Sports Lights

LED sports lights have revolutionized the way we illuminate athletic events, offering a slew of advantages over traditional lighting solutions. Firstly, they provide consistent and superior brightness, ensuring that every section of the playing field or court is evenly lit, which enhances the performance of players and the viewing experience for spectators. Their energy efficiency not only results in significant cost savings but also contributes to a lower carbon footprint, making them an environmentally-friendly choice. With a longer lifespan, they require less frequent replacements, reducing maintenance efforts and disruptions. Additionally, LED sports lights are designed to withstand various weather conditions, ensuring reliable performance come rain or shine. Their instant-on capability, combined with advanced control systems, allows for immediate and precise adjustments to lighting levels, catering to the specific requirements of any sport. All these benefits culminate in a superior, sustainable, and cost-effective lighting solution for sports venues of all sizes.

Certifications of our LED Sports Lights

LED Lighting Solutions for the Entire Stadium

Playing field

Playing field

We offer uniform LED lighting for stadiums, enhancing the visual experience for players, officials, and spectators while meeting the needs of TV broadcasters.

Light shows

These light spectacles not only mesmerize attendees but also create unforgettable moments for broadcast viewers. It’s not just about watching the game anymore; it’s about immersing in a multi-sensory celebration.

External areas

LED lighting solutions for the stadium’s exterior spaces like plazas, parking areas, and practice fields. This enhances the area’s safety and encourages more visitors to the stadium.


Option to select LED lighting for both stands and tribunes. Enhance the experience for spectators and stadium personnel by boosting safety in the seating areas.

Roof and facade

Roof and facade

Elevate your stadium’s atmosphere using tailored roof and facade lighting. It not only elevates the spectator experience but also amplifies brand awareness.

Control systems

Control each LED sports light via the system to produce dynamic displays, boosting fan engagement and enhancing the venue’s reputation. Customize and oversee the specific lighting setups for the venue.

Different Mounting Options Available

In the dynamic realm of lighting, the way fixtures are mounted is of paramount importance, influencing not only the illumination’s direction and spread but also the aesthetic and functional value of the space. From vast sports arenas to intimate stages, and from building perimeters to expansive outdoor venues, the choice of mounting plays a pivotal role. The primary mounting options for LED sports lights include Rotating Bracket Mounting, wall Mounting and Light Pole Mounting. Each option brings with it distinct advantages, ensuring that lighting can be tailor-fitted to the specific requirements and nuances of every environment.

Rotating Bracket Mounting

Rotating Bracket Mounting

This mounting technique involves the use of brackets that can be rotated to adjust the direction and angle of the light beam. This offers enhanced flexibility in aiming the light where it is needed most.

Wall Mounting

Wall Mounting

As the name implies, this method involves fixing the LED sports light directly to a wall. This method is particularly common for perimeter lighting, or in situations where ground-based or pole installations are impractical.

Light Pole Mounting

Light Pole Mounting

This method involves installing the LED sports light atop a tall pole. This is one of the most common methods for lighting large outdoor areas, as it allows for broad light coverage from a significant height.

Sports Lighting Applications

Designed to address the unique requirements of contemporary sports arenas, our lighting offerings serve a range of environments from expansive football fields to lively tennis courts. Our commitment is to provide unparalleled brightness and clarity, ensuring every moment, from the quietest pause to the most dynamic action, is captured in perfect light. Dive into our comprehensive application list and witness how we’re redefining the boundaries of sports lighting, making every game a spectacle to behold.



Tennis courts

Tennis Courts

Soccer fields

Soccer Fields

Baseball fields

Baseball Fields

Swimming pool natatorium


Outdoor recreation

Outdoor Recreation

Volleyball fields

Volleyball Fields



Ice skating arena

Ice Skating Arena


What are LED sports lights?

LED sports lights are high-intensity, energy-efficient lights specifically designed to illuminate sports facilities such as stadiums, basketball courts, tennis courts, and other sports arenas.

LED sports lights are more energy-efficient, have a longer lifespan, offer better light quality, and require less maintenance compared to traditional lights.

Depending on the quality and usage, LED sports lights can last between 50,000 to 100,000 hours or more.

Proper lighting improves visibility, reducing the risk of injuries and allowing players to perform at their best. LED lights also reduce shadows and glare, which can be distracting.

Most LED sports lights are designed to be weather-resistant, suitable for both hot and cold conditions. However, always check the rating and specifications.

LED lights generally require less maintenance than traditional lights. However, it’s a good practice to regularly check for any issues to ensure they’re operating at peak performance.

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SB06 quick replacable lens 4-in-1 Power&3-in-1 CCT tunable led area light

SB06 is a smart area light that allows quick lens replacement without tools. This feature is particularly beneficial for distributors as it allows them to reduce inventory pressure and maintain a fit inventory. By being able to easily swap out lenses, distributors can adjust the lighting options based on customer demands without having to stock multiple variations of the entire light fixture. This flexibility can help streamline inventory management and reduce costs associated with excess inventory.

SB05 most intelligent self R&D 4-in-1 Power&3-in-1 CCT tunable led area light

As for the light fixtures specifically designed to illuminate large outdoor areas at night, like athletic field, pedestrian walkway, parking lot, loading dock or roadway, it’s very important to find an smart and super performance LED area light to sufficiently illuminate your space, because this can save maintenance costs, and bring a good use experience. Combining these requirements, we developed SB05 led area light, wattage & CCT tunable, up to 160lm/W, three sizes, five kinds of installation methods, just to give you a variety of application options.

SL05 modular design & high strength structure LED street light.

Correct LED street lighting must guarantee maximum visual quality, safety and energy efficiency. The goal of street lighting is therefore to allow citizens to move in total safety with excellent visibility conditions, at the same time, save on energy costs. SL05 adopt spray paint polishing technology, PC lens + glass, silicone seal and flip cover design, more safety and easy maintain. Widely used in stadium, sports field, high mast lighting, light tower, ports lighting and so on.