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Lighting Applications

Lighting solution for all sports lighting , industry lighting, street lighting, and area lighting.

Sports Stadium Lighting System of HD Lighting

Sports stadium lighting is a specialized lighting system specifically for large outdoor sports venues and civil training grounds.

Football Field Lighting

Football field lighting ensures clear visibility and safe play conditions, elevating the game experience for players and fans during evening matches.

Tennis Court Lighting

Advanced tennis court lighting systems not only extend play into the evening but also ensure a vibrant and dynamic playing experience under various lighting conditions.

Baseball Field Lighting

Baseball field lighting plays a critical role in facilitating night games, providing essential illumination for player safety and greatly enhancing the overall experience for spectators.

Industrial Lighting System of HD Lighting

Industrial lighting is designed to illuminate large-scale workspaces, ensuring optimal visibility and safety in manufacturing, warehouse, and production environments.

Warehouse Lighting

Warehouse lighting is essential for ensuring optimal visibility, safety, and operational efficiency in storage and distribution spaces.

Cold Storage Lighting

Cold storage lighting is designed to withstand harsh conditions, keeping your warehouse illuminated while saving on energy costs.

Manufacturing Lighting

Manufacturing plant lighting prioritizes safety and output with uniform illumination for large industrial spaces.

Area Lighting System of HD Lighting

Area lighting serves as a key element in brightening expansive environments, offering safety, enhancing visual comfort, and elevating the aesthetic appeal of both indoor and outdoor areas.

Airport Lighting

Airport lighting is essential for safe and efficient air travel, aiding in navigation and visibility during takeoff, landing, and taxiing.

Parking Lot Lighting

Parking lot lighting is crucial for safety and security, offering clear visibility and orientation in these spaces, especially during nighttime hours.

Seaport Lighting

Seaports stay lit 24/7 with tough lights for safe night work. LEDs are taking over for their brightness and durability against salty air.

Street Lighting System of HD Lighting

Street lighting enhances safety and aesthetics in urban areas, reducing nighttime accidents and crime, while creating a welcoming atmosphere for residents and visitors.

Tunnel Lighting

Tunnel lighting ensures safe and clear navigation through underground routes, enhancing visibility for travelers.

Expressway Lighting

Expressway lighting enhances safety and visibility for high-speed travel, reducing nighttime driving risks.

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SP09 LED Sports Light

SB06 quick replacable lens 4-in-1 Power&3-in-1 CCT tunable led area light

SB06 is a smart area light that allows quick lens replacement without tools. This feature is particularly beneficial for distributors as it allows them to reduce inventory pressure and maintain a fit inventory. By being able to easily swap out lenses, distributors can adjust the lighting options based on customer demands without having to stock multiple variations of the entire light fixture. This flexibility can help streamline inventory management and reduce costs associated with excess inventory.

SB05 most intelligent self R&D 4-in-1 Power&3-in-1 CCT tunable led area light

As for the light fixtures specifically designed to illuminate large outdoor areas at night, like athletic field, pedestrian walkway, parking lot, loading dock or roadway, it’s very important to find an smart and super performance LED area light to sufficiently illuminate your space, because this can save maintenance costs, and bring a good use experience. Combining these requirements, we developed SB05 led area light, wattage & CCT tunable, up to 160lm/W, three sizes, five kinds of installation methods, just to give you a variety of application options.

SL05 modular design & high strength structure LED street light.

Correct LED street lighting must guarantee maximum visual quality, safety and energy efficiency. The goal of street lighting is therefore to allow citizens to move in total safety with excellent visibility conditions, at the same time, save on energy costs. SL05 adopt spray paint polishing technology, PC lens + glass, silicone seal and flip cover design, more safety and easy maintain. Widely used in stadium, sports field, high mast lighting, light tower, ports lighting and so on.