SP09 Stadium And Sports Light With The Best Light Control

SP09 is a cost-effective stadium sports light that maximizes material and performance utilization. Our engineers have adopted a clever structural design, effectively reducing costs at the same time, and ensuring the integrity of the appearance. Utilization, simple and classic, visually pleasing id design proportions. ADC12 aluminum alloy material and flat heat sink, ensuring sufficient heat dissipation area and air circulation space. Large light-emitting area, saving materials, and improving light utilization. Reserved intelligent module installation position, compatible with various remote smart control solutions such as 0-10V dimming, PWM, Dali, DMX, Synapse, etc. RGBW, the RGBA dimming program, meets the market demand for both lighting and entertainment. Suitable for large stadiums, large buildings, bridges, squares, and other key lighting places.

User-Friendly Structural Design,
Enhancing Safety in High-Altitude
Operations And Saving Labor Costs.

SP09 LED Sports Light details

Incremental 2.5deg tickmarks to allow for preciseaiming and to facilitatethe alignment of

SP09 LED Sports Light details

Snap-on installationstructure, enablingsingle-person installation.

SP09 LED Sports Light Back

Quick plug-and-playwiring for easy installationand maintenance. PVC
sheathed cable protectionto prevent birds from

Opto-Electrical Separation

Opto-electrical separation design to reduce materialcosts.Independent or in-distribution box power supplyinstallation, suitable for replacing HID products, easyinstallation, and maintenance. Separation of power supplyand heat sink, extending the overall lamp life.

Low glare and light spill,
ensuring light control
and quality.

High-quality lighting effect, controlling glare
while ensuring a total light flux of up to
182,000lm.Optional anti-glare grille to reduce
glare and control light uniformity Equipped
with a visor to prevent glare and light spill,
say goodbye to light pollution.
SP09 led sports light- anti-glare grille to reduce glare and control light uniformity 1
Optional anti-glare grille to
reduce glare and control
light uniformity.
SP09 visor to prevent glare and light spill

Equipped with a visor to prevent glare and light spill, say goodbye to light pollution.





Lumen Output





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SL05 modular design & high strength structure LED street light.

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