FL04 Plus High-Power Modular Flood Sports Light

HD Lighting introduced the FL04 Plus flood sports light, a high-efficiency stadium module. LED chips can provide up to 750W of power with one module or 1500W with two. The FL04 Plus is lightweight and weighs just 21.5kg for the 1500W version, making installation and maintenance easier without sacrificing performance. It has a mounting bracket allowing a 100mm horizontal adjustment and can rotate at a wide angle of 0-270°, providing accurate and even lighting for the entire field. This ensures precise positioning and uniform distribution of light, making it suitable for professional playing fields. Our engineers designed other customer bracket options, ensuring high durability, materials, and cost efficiency. The FL04 Plus also features a lens and glass double protection system to protect the light source, reduce light attenuation, and prevent dust accumulation, making it suitable for environments with wind and sand.

Lightweight & Cost Saving

The FL04 Plus flood sports light is a high-power module designed for stadiums. It can provide up to 750W of power with a single module, or up to 1500W with two modules. FL04 Plus stadium light is lightweight in design. 1500w just 21.5 kg, it is 30-40% lighter than other stadium lights with similar power in the market. This makes installation and maintenance easier without sacrificing performance.

Lens & Glass Double Protection

The FL04 Plus features a luminous surface that incorporates a lens and glass double protection system. The lens ensures better light distribution control, while the glass protects the lens from environmental factors, reducing light attenuation and improving the lifespan of the light source. Additionally, the glass surface prevents the accumulation of dust and debris, making it particularly suitable for environments with wind and sand.

FL04 Plus LED Flood Light

Horizontal fine-tuning help to provide accurate and even lighting

The FL04 Plus mounting bracket is designed with a 100mm horizontal adjustment distance The entire light can rotate at a wide angle of 0-270°, providing accurate and even lighting for the entire field. This is particularly advantageous for professional playing fields. When multiple FL04 Plus lights are mounted on high masts (15-30m), the horizontal fine-tuning feature allows for precise adjustment of each light to different areas and corners of the pitch. This improves the lighting quality and enhances the visual experience for athletes and spectators.

In summary, the FL04 Plus’s adjustable mounting bracket and rotational capability ensure precise and uniform lighting for professional fields, making it a preferred choice for professional pitch lighting solutions.

Super Heat Management

The heat sink is made of metal material with fast heat conduction, the temperature rise test is 50°C [The reference value of temperature rise is 70° C ], and the heat dissipation management is very good.

FL04 Plus led Flood light-HD-V1.1-08

Two Wiring Solutions Available

1 Opto-electrical separation design to reduce material costs

2 Electrical Components Enclosure

All the driver and electrical components are concentrated in the distribution box, convenient for maintenance, saving maintenance costs, provided higher security.





Lumen Output




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