Overseas Factory Support

Since 2023, we have had factories in both Vietnam and Mexico, it’s very good news for all customers, as it means less risk and more cost-effective production. Establishing a factory in a foreign country can provide access to new markets. By setting up production facilities closer to these markets, companies can reduce transportation costs and delivery times.

Vietnam factory support

Vietnam Huadian Electric Co., Ltd. is conveniently located in the Dinh Vu-Cat Hai Economic Zone of Haiphong, northern Vietnam’s largest port city. We’re just 10 kilometers from the airport, 241 kilometers from Guangxi’s Dongxing Port in China, and 120 kilometers from Hanoi. Being close to important transport hubs helps us quickly meet our client’s needs and deliver products on time, building strong, reliable relationships.

Vietnam factory

Mexico factory support


International manufacturing facilities which are in Vietnam and Mexico, can offer several benefits, including reduced tariffs, cost advantages, access to local markets, and diverse production capabilities.

Factories in Vietnam and Mexico can potentially help reduce tariffs for your customers

Vietnam and Mexico have signed various preferential trade agreements with different countries or regions, such as free trade agreements (FTAs) or regional trade agreements. By manufacturing products in Vietnam or Mexico, you may qualify for preferential tariff treatment when exporting to countries with which these nations have such agreements. Purchase the local sourcing of components, and raw materials, and strategically plan the production processes and supply chain to optimize the utilization of tariff preferences. Production and sourcing activities across different countries ensure that the finished products attract lower or zero tariffs when imported into particular markets.

Cost-effectiveness And
Operational Flexibility

Vietnam and Mexico are known for their relatively lower labor and manufacturing costs compared to some other regions. This cost advantage can help reduce production expenses and make the products more competitive in the global market.

Risk diversification

Operating facilities in multiple countries can help mitigate risks associated with factors like political instability, trade regulations, or supply chain disruptions. If one manufacturing site encounters issues, we have another choice to shift production to another location, minimizing the impact on overall operations.

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