Join Huadian Lighting at the Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition (GILE) 2024

Huadian Guangzhou Lighting Exhibition Fair 2024

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Huadian Lighting is excited to announce our participation in the prestigious Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition (GILE) 2024, held from June 9th to 12th. We invite you to visit our booth at 4.1, A01, where we will showcase our latest innovations in sports lights and flood lights.

Discover Cutting-Edge Lighting Solutions

At GILE 2024, Huadian Lighting will unveil our newest products designed to meet the highest standards in performance and efficiency. Whether you are looking for robust flood lights or advanced sports lighting solutions, our booth will feature the latest technologies that push the boundaries of illumination.

Why Visit Huadian Lighting?

  1. Exclusive Product Launches: Be the first to witness the debut of our latest lighting products tailored for sports and large-scale outdoor applications.
  2. Live Demonstrations: Experience the power and versatility of our lights through interactive demos.
  3. Expert Consultations: Our team of lighting specialists will be on hand to provide insights into the latest industry trends and how our products can meet your specific needs.
  4. Networking Opportunities: Connect with other professionals and potential partners in the lighting industry.

Our Highlighted Products

  • High-Performance Sports Lights: Designed to deliver superior illumination for sports arenas and stadiums, our sports lights offer unparalleled brightness and energy efficiency.
  • Advanced Flood Lights: Ideal for large outdoor spaces, our flood lights provide powerful and reliable lighting solutions, ensuring maximum visibility and safety.

Plan Your Visit

Make sure to mark your calendars and visit Huadian Lighting at booth 4.1, A01. Our team is eager to demonstrate how our cutting-edge sports and flood lighting solutions can enhance your projects. Whether you’re an industry veteran or new to the field, we have something exciting to offer.

Don’t Miss Out!

This is your chance to see the future of sports and flood lighting. We look forward to welcoming you to our booth and sharing our passion for excellence in lighting technology.

Date: June 9th to 12th, 2024
Booth: 4.1, A01
Location: Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition

For more information, feel free to contact us or visit our website. Stay tuned for more updates and sneak peeks of what’s to come. Join Huadian Lighting at GILE 2024 and see how we can illuminate your world with our innovative lighting solutions.

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SB06 quick replacable lens 4-in-1 Power&3-in-1 CCT tunable led area light

SB06 is a smart area light that allows quick lens replacement without tools. This feature is particularly beneficial for distributors as it allows them to reduce inventory pressure and maintain a fit inventory. By being able to easily swap out lenses, distributors can adjust the lighting options based on customer demands without having to stock multiple variations of the entire light fixture. This flexibility can help streamline inventory management and reduce costs associated with excess inventory.

SB05 most intelligent self R&D 4-in-1 Power&3-in-1 CCT tunable led area light

As for the light fixtures specifically designed to illuminate large outdoor areas at night, like athletic field, pedestrian walkway, parking lot, loading dock or roadway, it’s very important to find an smart and super performance LED area light to sufficiently illuminate your space, because this can save maintenance costs, and bring a good use experience. Combining these requirements, we developed SB05 led area light, wattage & CCT tunable, up to 160lm/W, three sizes, five kinds of installation methods, just to give you a variety of application options.

SL05 modular design & high strength structure LED street light.

Correct LED street lighting must guarantee maximum visual quality, safety and energy efficiency. The goal of street lighting is therefore to allow citizens to move in total safety with excellent visibility conditions, at the same time, save on energy costs. SL05 adopt spray paint polishing technology, PC lens + glass, silicone seal and flip cover design, more safety and easy maintain. Widely used in stadium, sports field, high mast lighting, light tower, ports lighting and so on.